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1967 vw beetle

A: What kind of information are you looking for? Restoration/repair is really a very big topic that covers many different things.

So, I’ll give you a list of website to check out, but email( ) me if your looking for more specifics. Tons of good information out there, but does take a while to figure out where to look.

These two are the big sites. is a great source(if not the best single source) of information out there. As well since your car has so many one year only parts, great place for specifics.

Smaller Forums(honestly, sometimes nice to just have a small number of people to talk with rather than thousands)

As far as books, I like the offical(most commonly printed by bentley) and original ones. If you looking for a good all around many look into the one by Bentley for your year, it’s a great start. Amazon.con is the cheapest place to find them, other than used. But once again what type of work are you looking to do.

To the above advice: Joining a club is a great idea :
As well VW Trends has been out of print for all most two years, but Hot VW’s is still being printed.

Q: How much should I sell a 1967 VW Beetle for?
the interior is pretty good and ive rebuilt the motor just needs to be painted( the color is grey primer).
the bug has no rust its a california car, the engine rebuild turned out great runs perfect.

A: Primered vehicles “look” worse. And people buy on looks. If it is primered, it suggests that there is hidden body filler(which could be hiding rust holes or dents).
Now I know paint jobs cost money(use to be a case of beer and you could get someone who was good with a spray gun to paint your car). No longer is the case.
I have painted every car I have owned because I did minor body work on them and I did not want to leave it in primer.
Those days paint was cheap(cheaper than today). Nowadays, the cheapest paint is the “commercial grade paint”(which is bulk mixed colorwise) which is alkyd enamel; same as what was used in the 60’s. Also these paints ( as they were mixed in bulk lots for “school bus system or major taxi companies(which all cars are the same color- such as Yellow Cabs……..) There is a variety of colors that cannot be changed further….(excess paint). Go to an automotive paint store and make inquiries about what you want (basically a cheap paint job). While you will find that you need only a quart of paint, it is the reducers that have gone up in price.
Heck, I found the cost of the paint plus the reducers and other additives for what I wanted (it was still too much) I wanted to do it cheaply (basically changing my car color from silver to yellow (just so I could find it in a parking lot.)
As luck would have it it was a SuperStore and with any new store they carry more products than they regularly would.. In this case they carried paint.
Spray nozzles on the spray bombs (on some of the brands of paint) came out like a spray gun. A thin fan . Perfect. Better than the circular pattern that spray bombs are known with. And it was in “Acrylic enamel”(the next step above alkyd enamel) And cheap. A bomb cost me $2.14 It took me several weekends (as I did it panel by panel) and I used 14 spray bombs. No runs, no misses and an even sheen.(and it was Yellow). Certainly I could have gone with another color but “Corvette yellow” looked kinda good to me at the time.

In short, if you can paint it- do so. The people buying it do not want to paint it right off. As for price… depends if you have any VW collectors in your area. Check the newspapers of larger cities if you live in a small one to see what price they are asking and go from there.

Q: Where can I find a wiring diagram for my 1967 VW Beetle?
I need to wire the flasher box, ignition, and wiring on the motor. (generator, coil)

A: the samba …

Q: How many miles per gallon does the 1967 VW Beetle get?
And with a new engine, new transmission, and no rust, is this a good car for $4200?

A: Expect upper 20’s, driven normal, fresh tune up. It should have a 1500 single port engine, which is lower powered, but should get a little better gas mileage. You may see low 30’s in warmer weather, on the highway, steady 60-65. Hot VW’s multi part series, project mileage motor got over 36mpg. Good luck, enjoy the car.

Q: How much is a 1967 VW Beetle Worth?
I have the option to purchase one for $600. It is in fairly good shape (rusted floor boards of course) but the engine runs, tranny seems solid, needs brakes…..I would think this is a good buy???

A: It could be a decent buy if you plan on doing the restoration work yourself.

Check this VW site out and compare prices to comparable condition cars: Be sure to narrow the search down to your state, as the values vary by location.

Q: VW beetle 1967- Should I buy?
I am looking at buying a 1967 VW beetle. In pretty good shape, has been in garage entire time. Paint job is orginial as are all the parts. Paint looks good, some rust on bumpers, seats are in good shape, floor is worn. Nothing is so bad cannot be replaced or repaired. Overall pretty good but they want 5,200. Might get them down to 5,000. have seen restored ones for sell but would have to pay to get it sent to Tenn. I think it might be a good deal but would like to get some opinions from others

A: You know, that’s a tough question. I have had VW’s since the age of 16, and I still have one….uh, I mean 6. My current one, is a 1971, and I love this car. I’ve had it for 14 years now, and it has never let me down. I bought it for 200.00 dollars, and have had people offer up to 3000.00 dollars. I would love to have a 67 VW, but am NOT wiling to pay the kind of money you are talking about. So really, it all is up to the buyer. Do you think it’s worth that much money? They are great on gas, low maintenance, and they are always a conversation piece. On the other hand, “because” they have all of these qualities, they also get stolen quite a bit. So, weigh the odds, and you’ll come up with the right answer. I love my car enough that the thieves won’t “allow” me to rid of it. (ha ha!) I just take precautions when it comes to my (Little Lotta) VW. Good luck, whatever you decide.

Q: Who can donate surplus parts for a VW beetle 1967?
I bought a secondhand 67 beetle 4 years ago & hoping to restore it, however, parts are expensive here in the philippines… does anyone has a kind heart, beetle lover who would want to help or donate surplus parts for my 67 bug? Plz help……. tnx

A: i got a few things (door handles, turn signals, emblems and other stuff), i can send it at no charge except for the UPS

Q: How do i pimp my 1967 vw beetle? from the performance point?
Its a 1300cc engine

A: Do you have full coverage insurance? A flaming rag, an open gas cap, a clear title, an insurance check, and a trip to the new car dealer would be a good start…

Seriously, though, I’m an old car fan, but if you want to dress a car out, is the 67 Beetle the best place to start? YIKES! Given the limited value of the car, unless there is a significant emotional attachment to the car, I’d look for a more interesting starting point. Old Porsche 912’s of that vintage can be found for $6-10K. Early BMW 2002? Even a Kharman Ghia if you just have to have a VW. Or a Porsche 914 (although these are great on the track and turkeys on the street).

Before you invest a lot of money into that old Beetle think about your goals for the car. It sounds like a money pit that you’ll be lucky to recover 25 cents on the dollar from. So if it’s not an act of blind love, then…

Q: Will 1967 vw beetle fenders fit a 1970 vw beetle?

A: No they won’t!

Q: what is the estimated mpg for a 1967 VW Beetle?

A: around 26 mpg. If driven correctly. Its important to know the engines’ power band and how to optimize it when shifting.This will make the car more fun to drive

Q: Vw Beetle: Pre 1967 front wings on a 1970 old shape beetle – is it possible?
I am looking at buying a beetle from a friend that is a 1973 model I think. The only problem is a really dislike the more upright lights that these beetles have and much prefer the 1950’s and 60’s models that had the slanted front lights. Is it possible to put some old wings on this beetle to make my dream car or are their fitting/size difference that will hamper me?

Any help is appreciated, just so you can see what I mean, the beetle I am buying looks like this at the front:

and this is a older beetle with the wings/lights I want:

Many thanks!

A: I do not think the old fenders will interchange with the 73. I have a 73 and I too like the old style headlights. To put the old style on the newer style you have to do some body molding, (i.e bondo, fiberglass etc) to mold them in. It is possible but a lot of work and very hard to get exactly right. Go to and find some links to other Vintage VW sites and you can get all the info you want and/or need
Good luck and enjoy your new JOY

Q: How much does it cost to paint a vw bug?
I am looking into buy a 1967 vw beetle. Before I do I want to know what it would cost to paint an older one or just put the money I would put into the paint on a nicer, already painted one. Does any one know how much it cost to paint a vw beetle (remember on vw bugs you have to paint the interior as well) by a professional.

A: First off the 1967 bug was a good one. If you have found a nice bug but simply lacks the paint, then consider the cost of the paint as cheap insurance as the value of your car will substantially increase with a new paint job and continue to increase as the years pass.

It does not work that way for all beetles. For example a 73 or 74 beetle will almost always have body rot on the rear end because of design flaws and the dashboard was less appealing.

So.. back to your question..

Paint jobs are a function of the skill of the person doing it. There are people that can use spray cans and give you a great job and others with power units and drying booths that can never get it done right. So look at what your painter as done as a part of deciding who you want to paint it.

Also, the area where you live reflects the cost of the paint job. Out here on the west coast a $1000 paint job may be ‘ok’ (not great but ok) while in the midwest that same job may only cost $700 or so because the cost of doing business is much less.

So.. given that as a starting point, I had my bug painted last year for a ‘little better then ok’. That means I personally stripped all of the chrome off (an easy thing to do on bugs) rather then have it masked, and removed the inside door panels (so the color change would include the doors) and drove it down to the painter. He did a job with two plus coats of color and three coats of clear epoxy coat, for around $1200. Looks great and gets comments all the time.

.. which ever way you go, you WILL enjoy your bug so congrats…


Q: I need help from someone who knows VW 1967?
I own a 1967 beetle and my floor pans are severely rusted. the whole car is beautiful and runs perfect so I want to know what floor pans would fit my car. Ive found great deals on floor pans from earlier years like 1963-1965 but I have no idea if they will not fit a 1967 body. PLEASE HELP!!

A: You can repair the rusted ones better than new.

Q: I am trying to find out how to research vin # for a 1967 VW bug. Prior to ‘80 the vins were different-help!!!?
I am trying to research my ‘67 Volkswagen Beetle & it seems that anything prior to 1980 the numbers were different. Any help would be appreciated.

A: I own a 73 bug and the vin is just numbers if that helps any. also remember its german so research in german websites would probably help.


Q: Which beetle/bug car do you like best? I’ve selected some…?
ok which beetle/bug car is best? its gonna b painted red. its not like im getting it now, im a LITTLE young. ok pick one:

1967 Beetle Sedan
1967 Chop Top
1962 Beetle Ragtop
1967 VW Beetle Convertible

all these cars can bb found here look out for them!!

thx guys!!
62 Ragtop, we had one once but it was stolen.
(that is sad im so sorry about that!!)

A: personal opinion here from a Dad– any of the old bugs are cool and would be fun to have but– they are not very safe to drive. It is my understanding they quit building (selling) these in the USA because they did not meet the new safety standards. I would encourage you to look for anything with airbags, anti lock brakes, etc. As a young driver you need all the help you can get to protect yourself from yourself, and the other idiots out there on the road. Not to mention the constant maintenance these older bugs needs–

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